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Jeanoko - Heatblock V6 for CLONE pt100 sensor

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Product Description

Feature: 1. Made of aluminum alloy material, sturdy and durable, has a long service life.
2. Strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, can be used with peace of mind.
3. Comfortable to use and good performance, small size, easy to carry and store.
4. The heating block for 3D printer accessories is suitable for M6 thread nozzle, compatible with PT100 sensor.

5. With easy installation and no time wasting, very convenient.


Item type: Aluminum heating block

Model: For V6 aluminum heating block
Type: Aluminum heater block
Size: Approx. 20 x 16 x 12 mm / 0.8 x 0.6 x 0.5 inches

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