Art/Sculpture in 3D Printing

We do Modeling and Printing of Art/Sculptures of small and large dimensions, which can be painted or primed. Weather resistant material. Sculpture is an art that represents or illustrates plastic images in total or partial relief. There are several techniques for working with materials, such as 3D printing (recent), casting , molding or agglomeration of particles to create an object.

    • Some Examples of Art/Sculpture made by us in 3D Printing.

Sculpture Carlos Arteiro 1500 mm high

Art for the Parochial Church of Divino Salvador 1100 mm high

Request Budget:

For an estimate, you can contact us via whatsapp: 910263391 [Call to the national mobile network] or by sending an email to with data such as dimensions, material to be produced, quantities and 3D file or idea of ​​what you want because we do 3D modeling .

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